PizzaSpotz.com is the brainchild of blogger Brian Humek. Surrounded by pizza his entire life, Brian is a customer of, a worker for and a friend to pizzeria owners. Also, one of Brian’s Indiana cousins helped found Pizza Hut back in 1958! So pizza, or better yet, tomato sauce, is in his blood.

Our Purpose

For Pizza Eaters: To provide pizza lovers with fun while they search for the best pizza in the world.

For Pizza Makers: To provide low-cost and free social media and online marketing to pizzeria owners

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Our Future

We’ll be signing up partner pizzerias in every state and around the world. These partners will use ads, free pizza and original pizza content on PizzaSpotz to promote their pizzerias. This is a win win situation for both pizza maker and pizza eater. Our goal is to give away thousands of pizzas a year to pizza lovers and to provide the world with free and discounted pizza, pizza news, pizza fun, pizza fashion and pizza recipes, all in one spot, here at PizzaSpotz.


The PizzaSpotz.com Staff