Should I Buy Pizza Hut Stock Today?

If you’re interested in buying Pizza Hut stock (YUM)*, you’ll have to consider a couple other quick serve companies along with your favorite pizza place. Pizza Hut is part of YUM! Brands. They own Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Some of their restaurants now come with all three restaurants combined. Those are affectionately known as KenTacoHuts. YUM! Brands actually consists of more QSR brands than those three mentioned above, their roster also includes A&W, Wing Street, Long John Silvers,Read More

Great Pizza Blogs: NEPA Pizza Review

NEPA Pizza Review

What is the NEPA Pizza Review? It’s a pizza blog. Not only is it a pizza blog, but it’s the first that we’re featuring in our new category, “GREAT PIZZA BLOGS.” What is NEPA? Well, NEPA stands for Northeast Pennsylvania. This amazing pizza blogger reviews pizza only from pizzerias in the following counties: Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming. Major cities in this area include Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. The entire NEPA Pizza Review area covers 3360 square miles filled with hungry pizza lovers.Read More

Five Great YA Novels in 2014 to Read While Eating Pizza

This is a pizza website and we like to read too. So every one of our list titles has to include the word “pizza” in it, so here you go…Five great YA novels in 2014 to read while eating pizza…. or before eating pizza…or after eating pizza… or instead of eating pizza…. you get the idea.

What is Lady Gaga’s Favorite Pizza?

Lady Gaga enjoys pizza and singing

What kind of pizza does Lady Gaga enjoy eating most? Well, we put on our pizza detective hat and spent spent some time looking for clues about where Lady Gaga orders her pizza. Here’s what we found out. The Chicago Tribune reported about her Sirus XM interview where she said, “I love ordering Chicago pizza.It’s so bad. My boyfriend caught me once eating it in the bathroom in the middle of the night. I woke up in the middle of the night andRead More

Romeo’s Pizza Opens New Location in Solon, Ohio


Romeo’s Pizza is an award winning pizzeria. Overall, their pizzas have won over twenty different awards. Their Great Ranch and Potato pizza has won for Best Gourmet Pizza in America and they won Best Pizza in Columbus in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Seriously, they have way too many accolades to list here. The Romeo’s pizza story began with just one store in Medina, Ohio but there are now 33 locations throughout Ohio. Because Romeo’s Pizza is known around Ohio, the Midwest andRead More

Introducing the new Pizza Hut Hand Tossed Pizza

Pizza Hut is doing it again. They are making a full-fledged effort to take a bite out of profits away from mom and pop pizza shops. They are doing this in 2014 by introducing the new Pizza Hut hand tossed pizza. This new Pizza Hut hand tossed pizza is supposed to taste just as good as the one you would get at Joe’s or Mario’s or Vinnie’s Pizzeria, any of which could probably be found just down the street from you. No moreRead More

Pizza Hut Dippin’ Strips Pizza Ad

Pizza Hut Dippin' Strips Pizza Ad - PizzaSpotz

Not sure how long this Pizza Hut Dippin’ Strips Pizza was available at your favorite Pizza Hut location, but it definitely looks like it tasted great. We’re big fans of independent pizzerias here at PizzaSpotz, but we’ll definitely eat our share of Pizza Hut pizza, including these Dippin’ Strips pizza, when it is offered to us. Unfortunately, this was a promotional item and is long gone but… Did you ever eat the Pizza Hut Dippin’ Strips pizza? Which sauce was your favorite? PizzaRead More

Pizza Pictures: Astronaut Neil Armstrong Making Pizza in 1969

Neil Armstrong making pizza in his kitchen before walking on the moon

Talk about your greatest pizza pictures in the world or out of this world, here is astronaut Neil Armstrong making pizza in his kitchen sometime in 1969. The question arises, is this before or after he walked on the moon? Until we find a better picture of an astronaut, this picture of a great chef named Neil making pizza will remain our favorite here at PizzaSpotz. UPDATE: Just researched this photo and found out this is Neil Armstrong making pizza at his homeRead More