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Pizza Lists

Saved by the Bell The College Years on NBC

Top Ten Saved by the Bell College Years Episodes to Watch While Eating Pizza

The cast for Saturday Night Live, when the show debuted in 1975, were labeled as the Not Ready for Primetime Players because their time slot on NBC was 10:30 p.m....

New York Yankees quotes Logo

8 Great New York Yankees Moments to Ponder Over Pizza

The Yankees are the most successful franchise in the history of baseball. We could’ve easily made this a list about the 8 greatest Yankees World Series Moments, or post season...

Waffles at Kitty City

Top Ten Cats at Doggy & Kitty City to Adopt and Share Your Pizza With

DISCLAIMER: The best food for cats is always good quality cat food, but sometimes, cats simply love the taste of pepperoni, Canadian bacon or hamburger. Remember, cats can sometimes become...

Phil Robertson Quotes

Top Ten Phil Robertson Quotes to Ponder Over Pizza

Support Phil Robertson and the Entire Family Here is our top ten Phil Robertson Quotes 10. Ducks are a lot like women…they don’t like mud on their butts. Phil has...

Robert Ludlum The Bourne Identity

Five Favorite Robert Ludlum Books to Read Before or After Eating Pizza

Robert Ludlum was a prolific author and wrote 27 political thrillers beginning in 1973 and ending in 2001 with his death. Five novels were released posthumously. In addition to those books, sequels to the original Bourne trilogy have been written by Eric Van Lustbader. No one does political thrillers better than Robert Ludlum.

Stephen King - The Stand

Top Ten Stephen King Books to Read While Eating Pizza

As with all lists, this one is subjective. I’m sure some people will scream in terror when they read it. Your list of top ten Stephen King books may be...


The Pizza Slice Spice Top Ten Songs to Enjoy with Summertime Pizza

Top 10 Songs to Enjoy with Pizza during the Summer of 2013 Pizza Slice Spice has a passion for adding to your pizza experience and enjoying great music. This has...

Top Ten Frank Sinatra Songs

Top Ten Frank Sinatra Songs to Listen to While Eating Pizza

List by Brian of PizzaSpotz We create some great music lists here at PizzaSpotz. Here is a great one and right up our alley. If there’s one type of music...

800px-Grossglockner_from_SW CC 2.0 Austria Michael Schmid

Seven Natural Wonders of Austria to Visit After Eating Pizza in Vienna

The seven natural wonders of the world are amazing to visit. Then there are the amazing foods of the world and we at PizzaSpotz.com believe pizza is at the top...

Downtown Frankfort, Illinois

Find Great Pizza: The Chicago South Suburbs Pizzerias List

Chicago South Suburbs Pizzerias We have included the following villages/towns in our list of pizzerias in the south suburbs of Chicago: Bridgeview, Burbank, Chicago Heights, Crestwood, Crete, Dolton, Evergreen Park,...

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Top Ten Joni Mitchell Songs to Listen to While Eating Pizza

Singer/song writer Ashley Sofia loves Joni Mitchell. I asked her to send us a list of her favorite top ten Joni Mitchell songs and she happily accepted this task. A...

Top Ten Pugs to Share a Pizza With… (from DFW Pug Rescue)

As of February 9, 2013, these pugs are available for adoption. When asked what pizza they like best, most of them barked, “iFratelli” but one said, “Fireside Pies” and another...