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Pizza the movie

Pizza, the movie – Buy the DVD or Watch on Amazon

This DVD for Pizza, the movie, was originally released in October of 2006. Yes, it's an older movie, but a cult classic. The movie is very offensive to some and very true to life to others.

Mystic Pizza

Pizza Movies: The Mystic Pizza Trailer

Description: What exactly are pizza movies? Are they all about pizza? Have a pizza scene? We have trailers from some of the best. Remember Mystic Pizza? We’ve considered putting together...

Pizza Ads from Around the World - Dominos Pizza in Turkey - PizzaSpotz

Pizza Ads from Around the World – Dominos Pizza in Turkey

It’s always fun to look at pizza ads from around the world. We’re gathering a large collection for you and here is the latest in that collection, it’s a Domino’s...

Pizza Hut Dippin' Strips Pizza Ad - PizzaSpotz

Pizza Hut Dippin’ Strips Pizza Ad

Not sure how long this Pizza Hut Dippin’ Strips Pizza was available at your favorite Pizza Hut location, but it definitely looks like it tasted great. We’re big fans of...

Pizza Attitude- Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana - PizzaSpotz

Pizza Attitude: Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana

I love the attitude of Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana. This video is a few years old, but the passion he has for pizza pops from the screen. The...

Tossing pizza dough - instructions by Tony Gemignani - YouTube

World Pizza-Tossing Champion Tony Gemignani Tossing Dough

Tony Gemignani and I (Brian of PizzaSpotz) have a lot in common. He’s written a picture book (Tony and the Pizza Champions ) and I’ve written a couple hundred (but...

Japanese Pizza Ad from Pizza La

Two Japanese Pizza Ads From Pizza La in Tokyo

Here are two Japanese pizza ads from a large pizza chain in Tokyo called Pizza La. At the end of the second Japanese pizza ad there’s a frame that shows...

worst pizza ad ever

Is This the Worst Pizza Ad Ever?

The theme of this post should be…. AT LEAST THEY TRIED! I want to know what your thoughts are on what some people may call the worst pizza ad ever....

Gas Pump Singers on Jay Leno Tonight Show Pumpcast News

Give These Gas Pump Singers Some Free Pizza (funny youtube video )

Pranks are a dime a dozen, but how often do you get good-natured, fun loving, life enjoying people to be part of one? Typically, those people who get pranked have...

Bad pizza delivery

A Bad Pizza Delivery Gets Worse

Description: A bad pizza delivery goes a bit too far. A family is now living in terror. Unbelievable. What Makes a Bad Pizza Delivery? A lot of things make a...

Furious Pete

New Guinness Pizza Eating Record for Furious Pete

How fast do you think you could single-handedly eat a 12” pizza? For YouTube personality and host of Furious Eats, Peter Czerwinski, better known as “Furious Pete”, the answer is...

2012 Top This Pizza Hut Super Bowl Ad Winner David Johnson

2012 “Top This” Pizza Hut Super Bowl Ad Winner David Johnson

Here was a chance for anyone to submit a video and get it made into a Pizza Hut Super Bowl Ad. Winner David Johnson explains in the first video, a...