Hale High School Seattle

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, members of the Bethany Community Church in Seattle came up with a great idea. They decided to give away pizza to students at three Seattle high school at lunch time.

For those in the Seattle ISD who are afraid God may be gaining an entryway to the secular school student’s minds, hearts and stomachs, don’t worry. Youth Pastor Nick Steinloski assures everyone, “We are not telling them a Bible story before they get pizza.” Whatever the true thoughts of administration officals were, a spokesperson for Seattle ISD said the admin was okay with the church free pizza giveaway.

About 250 students each at Nathan Hale, Ingraham and Roosevelt high schools have been served two slices each since fall. The pizza was served to the students by church workers just off the property of each campus. The giveaways were once a week and the estimated cost was about $600 weekly. That’s some mighty cheap pizza. They must get a hefty discount at a local pizzeria.

Not everyone was happy with the church pizza giveway. It wasn’t the students complaining or the parents, it was the local union which represents the cafeteria workers.

The union complained that the church pizza giveaway was taking away jobs from employees of the school cafeterias because 250 kids weren’t buying one meal each week. The union rep also told the church that it was irresponsible and accused the church doing whatever it took to proselytize the students. The union rep went so far as to say that if it weren’t pizza, the church would provide the students drugs in order to proselytize them. Hey, pizza is as addictive as some hard drugs or so says this post.

The union was upset because by their stats, 500 meals were not being purchased which they claim was equal to 20 hours of labor. But when a local paper asked students if they would eat at school if there wasn’t free pizza served, one student answered, “If they didn’t have free pizza, I’d go home for lunch.” Another student admitted they’d buy a school lunch.

Another student from Nathan Hale High School made an excellent point about the free pizza and the open campus policy for juniors and seniors, “That’s why it really doesn’t make sense. Because if we can go down the street and get food from a restaurant, why can’t we come out here and get free pizza that people want to give to us?”

Union thuggery has succeeded once again, no longer will students at three of Seattle’s high school receive free pizza for lunch. The church will still provide free pizza, but they will do it after school when most students will have activities or be in a hurry to get home. The union rep expressed doubt as to whether the church will keep its promise to not intrude any longer on school lunch hours.

The union rep added that if the church doesn’t stop feeding at lunch, the union will be picketing.


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