French Pizza Innovations

Leave it to a company in France to destory the tradition of pizza making in America. Paline, a company based in Lisieux, France installed their first pizza ATM machine at Xavier University in Ohio. The students have taken a liking to it and the quick and tasty pizza it spits out in just about three minutes. It’s been such a success that other schools and business across America and Canada are interested in getting their own Paline Pizza ATM Machines for their campuses and offices.

If I tried to explain the inner workings of the Pizza ATM Machines from Paline, I’d probably get you quite confused. Below is a video that explains it, but basically, the machine is stocked with 70 pizzas each day covered with cheese and the customers select their toppings. Check out the Pizza ATM Machines video below to learn more.

To check out all of the features of the new Pizza ATM Machines, click here.


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