As we continue our search for investors, we are increasing our plans to improve The following are a few of the upgrades you will see here over the next few months.

1) Individual Profile Pages
Keep track of your pizza lists, those you favorite and those you create. Via our special pizza algorithm, see other PizzaSpotz users we recommend you meet and pizzerias you should try out in your local area and around the U.S. If you’re a gamer, keep track of your high scores on our pizza games and your scores on pizza quizzes. Also keep track of your badges earned and how many free pizzas you have won.

2) A Pizza Giveaway Counter
We’ll have a special counter somewhere on our homepage to keep track of how many free pizzas our partners have given away to users.

3) Links to Reviews and Pizzeria Facebook Pages
Partner blogs allow us to post reviews and recipes and we are very happy to point you in their direction for being so kind to share. If you’d like to submit a review, please click this link.

4) A Shopping Cart
For purchases of gift certificates, gift cards, and apparel.

5) Our Pizza Blog List
Got a favorite pizza blog or pizza website. We’ll list it on our blog list. We should have this ready in the very near future.

There will be more upgrades but we are concentrating on these first. Thank you for your continued visits and contributions to


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