I’ve been thinking about creating a category about poltiicans and pizza. Well, let’s start with this one. I truly believe, after watching this video, that Hillary Clinton deserves pizza today. She deserves an entire pie.

After being frightened terribly by animal rights protesters at a rally near Las Vegas, Nevada today, she was rescued by several Secret Service agents. And while we’re thinking of providing Hillary Clinton with some pizza, how about a couple pies for the big Secret Service agent who looks like he’s devoured more than a few pizzas.

That big guy kept her safe. He reassured her to keep her talking and then Hillary turned the animal rights protesters into Trump haters. She cackled and then said, the protesters were actually there to protest him since he and his family have killed numerous animals.

So if you think Hillary Clinton deserves pizza today, I’m with you.

Some of our readers may not be fans of her or her policies, but no one deserves to be bullied and frightened like she was today.

I say give her a pizza filled with amazing toppings like pepperoni and Canadian Bacon (made from dead pigs), hamburger (made from dead cows) and chicken (yes, made from chicken).

That’ll teach those animal rights protesters, won’t it?


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