Tipping for Pizza

After the pizza guy or girl trudge up apartment stairs with multiple pizzas in the rain, after almost getting hit by crazy drivers in office parking lots and after paying an almost average $4.00 a gallon for gas, the tips they receive are often not worth their effort. Ooooh, that gas will eat up the tips of a pizza delivery guy or girl.

I’ll say this on behalf of all pizza delivery guys and pizza delivery girls.

“If you tip bad…. PLEASE STOP IT!

Since You Love Pizza

You love pizza. You eat it often. Do you visit and eat in or do you pick up your pizza and devour it at home? Or maybe you have your pizza delivered.

That last option leaves you with a mathematical dilemma. Should you tip a flat rate or tip a percentage? Either way, you want to be fair with your tips. In this terrible economy in 2012, with gas prices near historically high levels, take a moment or two to think about the pizza delivery guy or girl. Think about the gas they have to buy and the wear and tear on their vehicle.

Quick Pizza Delivery Fact:
Pizzerias do not provide company cars for their delivery drivers

The website TipThePizzaGuy.com gives this piece of advice via their tip estimator. From 0-$20, they suggest a $3.00 minimum tip and 15% on anything over $20.00. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

How many customers abide by the $3.00 minimum tip rule? Speaking from my own delivery experience, a fair amount. Of course, there are those days you deliver a $44.56 order and receive a 44 cent tip. No, I will not forget that guy in the apartments on…. oh, never mind.

Another Quick Pizza Delivery Fact:
If the pizzeria charges a delivery fee, that fee does not go to the driver.

Here are some things to consider if ordering pizza to be delivered:

1) Do you want your pizza delivered because you want to save time?

2) Do you want your pizza delivered because you want to save gas?

3) Do you want your pizza delivered because you have agoraphobia?

If any of those apply to why you want your pizza delivered, calculate the cost and tip appropriately.

Brian of PizzaSpotz on behalf of all pizza delivery drivers

P.S. stock tips and great job offers are also welcome


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