Description: The original Pizza Hut building can be found on the campus of Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. It has been well preserved and is worth a visit.

Original Pizza Hut Building
Original Pizza Hut Building

Photo by Sanjay Acharya (CC 3.0 license)
Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas by Frank Carney, Dan Carney and John Bender. The original Pizza Hut building was located at the corner of Bluff and Kellogg Streets in Wichita. It was small and looked, as one friend of the Carney’s said, “like a hut.” The sign on the original Pizza Hut building could only hold nine letters and “hut” fit perfectly.

The original Pizza Hut building is still standing today, but no longer at it’s original location at Kellogg and Bluff. Years ago, when Kellogg was widened, there was fear the historic original Pizza Hut building would be torn down. Before anything so anti-Wichita history could happen, the building was moved brick by brick to the Wichita State campus where it now serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Are you old enough to remember the original Pizza Hut building when it was at the Kellogg and Bluff location? Did you ever eat there? Please leave a comment below if you’ve ever been to this historic Pizza Hut.


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2 Replies to “Pizza Questions: Where Was the Original Pizza Hut Building?”

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your comment. That’s amazing you ate there.

    About pizza, the first pizzeria opened in 1903 in New York City. Pizza itself had been around, but not so much in restaurants. In fact, the brothers didn’t have a pizza recipe until a cousin of mine gave them his. He was a serviceman from Bloomington, IN named John Bender. I think he lived in the building of one of their sisters in an apartment and she told them about John and his pizza recipe. They invited him to be a full partner in the company and he joined at the end of the year with a $1000 investment. I know John’s father and last met with him about 18 months ago. John’s father was then 100 years old. I love the Pizza Hut history. Have a good day and I hope you’ll look over more of our site. Thanks, Brian

  2. I ate in the original Pizza Hut building on the corner of Bluff and Kellogg in Wichita, Kansas. Dan and Frank Carney’s sister Patsy is a friend of mine. We were classmates in grade school and high school, and have been lifelong friends. I remember (I think I am correct) that initially Dan and Frank offered plain cheese pizza. Pizza was just coming into the country when the Carneys opened Pizza Hut. Good timing!

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