We’re here to list your pizzeria and and be a place your customers can have some fun. We hope they’ll write glowing reviews about your pizzeria on our blog. We hope your customers will add you to their pizza lists. The more lists your pizzeria is included in, the better you’ll appear on our upcoming PizzaSpotz app.

What We Do For Free

For free
We add you to our PizzaSpotz pizzeria directories

For free
We allow your customers to brag about you through pizza lists on our facebook page and here on PizzaSpotz.com. We hope this publicity attracts more customers to your pizzeria.

For free
You can have an ad on our Facebook page. All you have to do is get your customers to make a pizza list of any type. If your pizzeria has the most customers making list in any month, you’ll have a free ad for a month.

Our Services

For the following, we need paid, but when we say paid, we also mean barter. This could be in providing free pizzas for contest winners (our contests always include publicity for your pizzeria or links to PizzaSpotz.com on your website.

Website or Webpage Creation
If you have not yet created your own website, you can have a web presence here at pizzaspots.com. We can create a page like this one for you. Your site would have an address such as http://pizzaspotz.com/yourpizzerianame.

Get Ranked Higher on Google/Get a Social Media Strategy
Not sure what SEO means? Never hard of SEO? We can help.

When you search for “Pizza” and your city, where does your pizzeria rank? If you want to rank higher, we can help.

Need a facebook page, or your own twitter account, we can do that too. We can help you respond and converse with your customers.

Get a social media and website critique today!

If you just need an online marketing/social media consultation, please let us know.

A PizzaSpotz Interview
We’ll do an interview with you and have it SEO optimized so you and your pizzeria can gain more publicity to attract more customers. This interview can be done with a pizzeria owner, a manager or even with a very enthusiastic customer. This could be better for you than a paid advertisement on PizzaSpotz.com.

Advertise With Us
You can advertise with us with a banner ad or with a 125×125 graphic. Actually, any size ad is okay with us. We’re here to help and we’ll work with whatever size graphics you have.

We’ll Create a Pizza Quiz For You

We’ll create a pizza quiz specifically about your pizzeria. We’ll create a novice quiz for your new customers and an expert quiz for your regulars. Check out our expert level Pizza I.Q. test as an example. Have customers take your pizza quiz we make for you and if they make an A and print out the their test result page, give them a free pizza. We’ll help you publicize your quiz or design a contest around your pizzeria specific quiz.