Why Pizzeria Owners Should Vote For Donald Trump

Pizzeria owners should vote for Donald Trump because a more prosperous America equals more prosperous Americans. People of all creeds, colors, races, political persuasion, deep dish lovers, thin crust lovers, everyone will have more money in their pockets and more people will have jobs if more people vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. If pizzeria owners vote for Donald Trump, no longer will America have more and more people out of the work force. The latest unemployment numbers show almost 100 million Americans or working age do not work. That is not good for the pizza industry. This must all change and those who own pizzerias in Ohio, and pizzerias in Pennsylvania, specifically in Philadelphia and Harrisburg and other cities in Pennsylvania, and pizzeria owners in Florida and Nevada and Michigan, oh yes, Michigan pizzeria owners must vote for Trump to make America Great again, and if you wonder why, just watch this video:


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