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October 8th is Slice Out Hunger Day in New York City.

Haven’t heard of Slice Out Hunger? Where have you been? You certainly haven’t been in New York City over the past six years.
The world is obsessed with food and the popularity of Scott’s Pizza Tours is evidence of that. People actually travel to New York City to take a tour of the city’s best pizzerias. Scott is a pizza pro and noticed this obsession with pizza years ago when he began his walking and bus tours. Scott has been doing his tours for over six years and have shown over 25,000 pizza tourists the best pizza in the world.

Scott doesn’t only help feed tourists. Scott knows that over 2 million New Yorkers have a hard time feeding themselves or their families and because of this, he began Slice Out Hunger which raises money for the hungry in New York City. Over 1000 slices will be donated on October 8th, to be sold for $1.00 each. All proceeds will be donated to Food Bank for New York City.

How it all works is that some of the best pizzerias in New York City, some which do not even sell pizza by the slice, donate pizza to Slice Out Hunger. Of course, they donate entire pies and are sold by the slice at the Slice Out Hunger location which will be held at St. Anthony’s Church, located at 154 Sullivan Street (at Houston). Dozens of New York pizzerias will be donating slices and these include Two Boots, Rizzo’s, Difara, Williamsburg Pizza, Lombardi’s, Keste, John’s Pizzeria, Valducci’s, Arturo’s, Lucali, NY Pizza Suprema and Pizza Moto.

If you’re in New York City on October 8th, do your part to help feed the hungry by feeding yourself at St. Anthony’s Church. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the pizza party ends whenever the pizza runs out. Tickets at the door cost $1.00 for a slice, a drink, dessert or a raffle ticket. Spend a few bucks and sample the best NYC pizzerias have to offer. This will be like taking one of Scott’s pizza tours without having to traverse, either by walking or taking the bus, all over the city.

Check out the Slice Out Hunger website.


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