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We are a pizza site that will make a list about any topic. If you’re not an avid Bible reader and have been wondering what are the top ten Bible stories in the Bible, grab a slice of pizza and snuggle up to this list. As you’ll read below, it’s amazing how God works and by reading the Bible stories below, you’ll see what we mean.

(list written by Brian of PizzaSpotz)

Top Ten Bible Stories

10. David and Goliath

I Samuel Chapter 17 (listen to this story)

top ten Bible stories

This is one of the greatest stories in the Bible. I think this Bible story is loved by so many because it takes the theme of the little guy vs. the big guy and shows that the little guy can win. It’s not just hard work that can get the underdog to win. In this story, it’s relying on God and having faith in him. Check it out at the link above.

9. The story of Jesus and the Woman at the Well

John 4:1-42 (listen to this story)

What makes this one of our top ten Bible stories is the fact it demonstrates that Jesus accepts everyone. It was known at this time, due to a deep prejudice on the part of Jews, that they had nothing to do with Samaritans. This story talks about the woman going to the well to get water at a time when no one else would be there. She was an absolute outcast in society. Yet, Jesus took time to not only drink the water she drew from the well, he talked with her, gave her dignity. This is a truly amazing story. It’s an example of how many Christians today act, but unfortunately, the actions of some Christians whose actions are diametrically opposed to the acceptance shown by Jesus, are those actions most remembered by many.

8. Jonah and the Really Big Fish

Jonah Chapters 1-2 (listen to the story)

You might think we have the name of this Bible story wrong. You may think this should be about Jonah and a whale. But the Bible doesn’t say anything about a whale in this story. It only speaks of a big fish. Nevertheless, it’s a great Bible story. This story also deals with prejudice. You see, Jonah hated the people of Nineveh. However, God wanted to send him to preach to the people there so they may repent of their ways, so they too could be blessed by God. Instead of going to do what God said, Jonah fled. He ended up on a boat going the opposite direction and when that boat encountered stormy seas, Jonah asked to be thrown overboard, he was willing to die in order to protect the crew. Jonah was a caring man, he just didn’t seem to care for those in Nineveh. Well, listen to the rest of the story (link above) to see what happens next. If you’ve never heard it, you’ll enjoy it.

7. Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Daniel 6 (listen to the story)

I think this deserves a spot on our top ten Bible stories list more so because of why Daniel was thrown into the den of lions. He was a man of principle. He would not turn his back on the one true God. There’s a happy ending to this story and King Darius was quite impressed with Daniel. Speaking of pizza, wait a minute, where did that come from? Legend has it, that the soldiers of the rulers in this land where Daniel prospered were the first to make pizza, doing so on their shields in the hot sun. Interesting note, huh?

6. Moses parting the Red Sea

Top Ten Bible Stories

Nicolas Poussin’s Crossing of the Red Sea

Exodus 14 (listen to this story)

I always hate to assume everyone knows a particular story, but this is one that has been played on TV and in movies for many years. It’s a tradition for some to watch this particular event in the film The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston. Have you seen that film? The Egyptians were pursing the Israelites and when they reached the Red Sea, Moses held up his staff and called for the waters to part. And in a miraculous way, God provided safety for the Israelites so they not only crossed the sea as the waters parted, they did so on DRY ground!

5. Noah and the Ark

Genesis 6:9-9:17 (listen to the story)

This may be one of the most famous Bible stories in our list of top ten Bible stories, but for theological reasons, we’ve placed some other stories above it in our list. It seems that up to the time of Noah, there had never been any rain in the world. and the first time it rains, it does so for forty days and nights, flooding the world and lifting a huge rectangular boat (an ark) off its moorings and it then drifted away with two of every animal imaginable. Many drawings you’ll see of the ark will have the ark looking like a typical modern boat. However, the directions God gave Noah for building the ark, if followed, would not look much like a modern boat with a bow.

4. Creation of the world by God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit

Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 (listen to the story)

Maybe this miracle should be on top of our list. It’s one of the most hotly discussed miracles. Many people say there’s no way God or any intelligent being could have created the earth and people. Others say, the way the human body works, nature works and how the earth would not be able to exist if it were tilted one foot left or right of where it is on its axis, are reasons to say God did create this earth. No matter what you believe about the age of the earth, when this creation happened, God, the intelligent designer, does have a plan for you. It’s amazing how many scientists every day, come closer and closer to acknowledging the existence of God and better understand his creation. And if you’re wondering why I mention all three figures of the Godhead as creators, Genesis speaks of God saying, “Let US make man in OUR image.” And at the beginning of Genesis 1, it reads, “The spirit was hovering” there. All three figures of the Godhead were present at creation. For even more info, check out this book, nope, not the Bible.

3. Jesus healing of his friend Lazurus.

John 11:1-44 (listen to the story)

Top Ten Bible Stories

Rembrandt, The raising of Lazarus, ca 1630, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Jesus has compassion for his friends. In this passage, he’s also very upset. He’s upset that sin has come into this world and because of it, has brought death. A lot of people think Jesus is upset at his friends for not having faith that he could heal their brother. Many highly esteemed theologians think the former, not the latter, is the case. In this story Jesus cries, but more importantly, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

This miracle to the Jews who witnessed it, had great implications on who or what Jesus was. Jesus purposely waited until after his friend was dead three days before going to heal him. He didn’t arrive to heal him until day four. But why? Well, the Jews had this belief that the spirit or soul of a man hung around a body for three days waiting to re-enter the body. After that third day they knew there was no way to resurrect the dead body. But as miracles are called signs in the book of John, a sign pointing to something greater, Jesus waited until the fourth day to heal Lazurus showing him to really be the son of God, having power to raise the dead even after the soul had left the body and could not get back inside. This is absolutely amazing and most preachers and teachers of religion never mention this when preaching or teaching on the book of John or when teaching or preaching about Jesus’ miracles. (Thanks to Dr. Bill Grasham for sharing this info with me.)

2. The virgin birth of Jesus

Luke 1:26-2:21

This should be tied at number one on our top ten Bible stories list. It is really hard to place his death and rising from the dead above his birth. Without either, Christianity could not exist. When Mary, his mother was only 14 or 15, she was engaged to be married to Joseph, a carpenter. Some people say Mary could have been 12 or 13. This story about an angel going to Mary to tell her how blessed she was to be give birth to a boy named Jesus. If you’ve seen A Charlie Brown Christmas, you have heard this story. This is what Christmas is all about, it’s what we should celebrate, but the birth of Jesus most likely, say theologians, did not happen on December 25th, and not even in December. It was most likely during harvest time, they say. There is so much wonder involved with this story and we had to have it right near the top of our list, again, it should be tied for #1, but we’ll leave it .000000001 of a point behind Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Finally, number one on our list of top ten Bible stories is….

1. The death of Jesus and his rising from the grave to live again forever.

John 18-20 (listen to the story)

great Bible stories

Jesus died. But all people die, don’t they? Jesus had to die. Hundreds of years before his death, it was foretold that he would endure the death he suffered. He had a chance to get out of it. He could have just told his father, “Come get me, send some angels to take me away before they nail me to the cross.” But Jesus didn’t do that. In fact, the Bible says he could have called 10,000 angels. I can imagine the angels wondering and watching while he was being killed, asking amongst theirselves, “Why won’t call us? Be ready guys, he’ll call us to get him, I know he will.” But he never did, simply because he knew his death was the only way we could get to heaven. He did it for all of us.

Jesus died on a Friday. He was buried in a tomb. A large stone was rolled in front of the tomb. A guard unit of many men was posted there to prevent Jesus’ followers from coming to steal the body. On Sunday, the tomb was empty. Jesus had risen from the dead, just as he had predicted. He then appeared ten different times over the next forty days to groups of people as small as two to groups as large as 500. More details here.

Of the top ten miracles in the Bible, this last one is absolutely the most mind boggling and the most important to our every day lives. If you need more information on how this miracle affects your life, click here and ask anything you’d like.


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