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Pizza Hut Pizza Cookie photo

The Pizza Cookie from Pizza Hut Has Arrived

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As soon as I heard this news I thought about Domino’s Pizza. Wait a minute, why would a thought about Domino’s Pizza enter my mind when Pizza Hut has created the ultimate chocolate chip cookie? It’s because of the commercial “Failure is an Option.” In that ad, Domino’s Pizza employees talk about some of their […]

Hamas Hackers Dominos Pizza Israel

Hamas Hacks Dominos Pizza Israel Facebook Page

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Two days ago Hamas hacked the Israel Dominos Pizza Facebook page. Okay, why would they do that? It just doesn’t seem to make any sense. They’ve been firing hundreds of rockets into Israel over the past week, disrupting life for Israelis and interrupting their pizza eating for sure. Now this??? Check out the report below […]

Dominos pizza logo

Domino’s has a new voice ordering service

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How do you order your favorite pizza? If you like traditional pizza from a mom and pop store, then you may just order your pizza the traditional way, via a telephone. You know how that works. You get hungry and call your favorite pizzeria. The person on the other end of the line asks what […]

Mystic Pizza

Pizza Movies: The Mystic Pizza Trailer

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Description: What exactly are pizza movies? Are they all about pizza? Have a pizza scene? We have trailers from some of the best. Remember Mystic Pizza? We’ve considered putting together a list of top ten pizza movies here on PizzaSpotz, and we still may do it, but until then. We’ll be posting some trailers for […]