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tablet for pizza promotion

5 Ways to Promote Your Pizzeria With Your Phone or Tablet

You’ve got the best pizza in town but do you have the largest customer base? In an era where “foodies” are finding their favorite new pizza joints on review websites...

NAPICS Picture  Pizza Pizzazz competition

The 2015 North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show

Pizza Exhibits and Seminars If you haven’t attended the North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show (NAPICS) before, you are missing out on a great weekend. Anyone who runs a...

beer cans free stock photo image royalty free

Do Pizzerias Deliver Beer?

A Pizza Industry Commentary Post Pizzerias deliver beer? You may be asking yourself if I’m crazy or drunk.The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board on December 19th gave an early Christmas present...

Little Caesars Pizza Love Kitchen

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen Has a Twin

There’s one thing I like about pizza chains and even mom and pop pizzerias, they all like to feed those who are less fortunate. For our PizzaSpotz.com Second Annual Veterans...

2nd Annual Veterans Day Pizza Giveaway

Our 2nd Annual Veterans Day Pizza Giveaway

Calling All Pizzerias Last year we began our Veterans Day Pizza Giveaway with the help of the Ford Motor Company and three pizza chains here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area....

Pizza the movie

Pizza, the movie – Buy the DVD or Watch on Amazon

This DVD for Pizza, the movie, was originally released in October of 2006. Yes, it's an older movie, but a cult classic. The movie is very offensive to some and very true to life to others.

Slice Out Hunger Logo

Slice Out Hunger, New York’s Biggest Pizza Party is Here

Slice Out Hunger is New York City's Biggest Pizza Party! This annual charity event sells $1 pizza slices from NYC's top pizzerias, many of which do not sell pizza by the slice. All proceeds benefit the Food Bank for New York City.

pizza hut in ZA

Are There Pizza Hut Restaurants in Africa?

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world and they have finally opened a store in Africa. Their first store recently opened in Johannesburg, South Africa. Plans call for dozens of stores to be opened over the next three years. They will also expand into Zambia, Angola and Namibia.

Enjoy the Pizza Hut Cookie Pizza.

The Pizza Cookie from Pizza Hut Has Arrived

As soon as I heard this news I thought about Domino’s Pizza. Wait a minute, why would a thought about Domino’s Pizza enter my mind when Pizza Hut has created...

Pizza Express

Chinese Private Equity Firm buys 400 Store + UK Chain Pizza Express

Chinese private equity firm Hony Capital has bought the UK restaurant chain Pizza Express. The chain has over 500 stores. A little over 400 of those stores are in the...

Hamas Hackers Dominos Pizza Israel

Hamas Hacks Dominos Pizza Israel Facebook Page

Two days ago Hamas hacked the Israel Dominos Pizza Facebook page. Okay, why would they do that? It just doesn’t seem to make any sense. They’ve been firing hundreds of...

Jeremy Moore Twitter Feed

Frontier Airlines Pilot Orders 35 Pizzas for Passengers

Just the other day I happened to be with my family on top of a hill overlooking the Cheyenne, Wyoming airport. Just four days later,the airport was the scene of...