If you are on a search for the most addictive food, think about the following five food items and what do you think they have in common?

Chips, Ice Cream, Cookies, Chocolate and Pizza?

Well, they are the most popular and most addictive foods classified as “highly processed” foods in a recent University of Michigan study. I’ve read about this study in news reports and they have called the above food items as junk foods. Sure, I’d say that about chips, ice cream, cookies and chocolate, but pizza? Hold on a minute. I and thousands of pizza makers around America take offense at that classification.

Yes, all the abovementioned foods taste great, but none are as satisfiying as a tasty slice of pizza. But why do the above foods tickle our taste buds so easily? The answer, according to the University of Michigan study is how quickly the foods absorb into our systems. Not only how quickly the food is absorbed into our system, but how quickly it is also processed and leaves our systems, yep, you know what we’re talking about.

Foods such as pizza and other highly processed foods with lots of fat and carbs enter our system faster than high fiber foods. And I always thought pizza tasted better simply because it wasn’t spinach, broccoli or lentils.

The University of Michiagan surveyed over 500 people in two separate groups for this study. In one group they asked participants to rate 35 different foods and give them a rating of 1 thru 7 to determine how addictive they were. A rating of 7 is defined as “most problematic” meaning a person would continue to eat the food despite knowning the health risks…. yep, for me that’s burgers (#9 on the list), french fries (#6) and pizza (#1).

Pizza may be addictive, but it is not necessarily bad for your health, at least according to this article about how pizza can possibly slice some cancer risks.

We at PizzaSpotz agree that pizza is the most addictive food in the world, but for those news reports which label pizza a junk food, we strongly protest.

Let’s just hope this new study doesn’t get some idiot politician an idea to force more regulations upon us. I can hear Hillary now, “We have to save our children from obesity, large pizzas must be regulated, extra cheese must be regulated.” Her support of the New York City soda tax shows she’s all for government interference with our right to eat or drink or salt what we want.

I think I’ll be visiting Lushaj’s Pizza in Euless today for a slice of my fave pizza in Texas. Maybe I’ll have two, or three, or four. After all, I’m an addict :)


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