pizza pizzaA recent survey of Canadian pizza lovers (and really, can it be much different in the US?) show that women pizza lovers choose cheese as their favorite topping with a whopping 53% naming it their fave. Men, on the other hand like some meat on their pizza. Pepperoni was listed as a favorite topping of 51% of men. The survey was conducted on behalf of Canadian pizza chains Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73.

Although men and women disagreed as to what toppings they prefer on their pizzas, they do agree that ordering their pizza via phone (men 61% women 57%) and another similarity is their preference for thin crust pizzas compared to deep dish or other varieties (men 46% women 56%). The survey also answered the question, “What do Canadians like to order with their pizza?” The answer is…. beverages and chicken wings. An additional little factoid is that 34% of Ontarians want dipping sauce and 53% of Quebecers order fries with their pizza. As for us at PizzaSpotz, we see that people in Western Canada are similar with Americans in their desire for bread sticks.

It seems like those living in Quebec are the traditionalists when it comes to pizza. Only 6% of Quebecers purchase dipping sauce for their breakfast and only 27% have eaten pizza for breakfast. They are also unlikely to order a Hawaiian pizza. Atlantic Canadians love beef. They are most likely to order ground beef on their pizza. A huge 33% of Atlantic Canadians list beef as their favorite pizza topping.

National pizza month is a big deal in Canada and the Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 franchises. During October the franchises sell slices to help children’s hospitals. This program is called Slices for Smiles. A portion of the proceeds also help benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. The Slices for Smiles program has in its seven year history, raised over $1,000,000 for children’s charities throughout Canada.

Quick facts about National Pizza Month…. in 1987, the U.S. Congress declared October as a month to celebrate pizza. In 2007, Pizza Pizza imported this month long celebration to Canada.


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