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This is Joe’s in New York City. This is probably the most famous Joe’s Pizza in the world. It’s been rated as one of the top 25 pizzerias in the world. Click here to visit their site
People have often asked what Italian names are used most for pizzerias. The Italian names mentioned in this list for pizzerias is limited to first names. We’ll do Italian surnames for pizzerias in a future list.

Basic research for this list came from our own PizzaSpotz pizza directory and some Google research was used to break a couple ties on our list. So here it is, our list of Italian names for pizzerias. After reading the list, please leave your thoughts on favorite pizzeria names in the comments.

10. Mario’s

I personally know of one of these. There’s one just down the street from our office in Irving, TX.

9. Gino’s

The most popular pizzeria with this name can be found in Chicago. It’s called Gino’s East. Many locations. I want someone to write PizzaSpotz.com Rules on the walls of this place. Any takers? Send a pic if you do.

8. Rocco’s

Never knew this was such a popular pizzeria name, but there is one here in the Dallas area. Rocky’s may be a variation on this name, but I did not include it here because I wasn’t sure if was a true variation on Rocco’s.

7. Vinnie’s

You probably thought this one would be higher up on our list. I at least thought it would beat Frankie’s. As for Vinnie’s, I also included variations like Vinny’s and Vincezno’s.

6. Frankie’s

I included Frank’s Pizza or Frank’s Pizzeria in this list too. There’s even a few places with the singular Frank in their name. The most famous of these is Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, CT. But really, I didn’t think this would be a popular pizzeria name.

5. Sal’s

This is about the most famous Italian first name used for pizzerias in America. It is very popular in movies and I think my favorite Hollywood version of Sal’s was in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989). Danny Aielo, played Sal in this film. Awesome portrayal. One variation on this name is Salvatore’s.

4. Sam’s

This surprised me. I know Sam has been a popular Italian first name, but I didn’t know how many pizzerias in America had Sam or Sammy in their name. I find quite a few that use Sam as one of two first names in the pizzeria name.

3. Johnny’s

Up to the top of our list skyrocketed this name as it also includes the variations Johnnies, Gianni’s and John’s. But the most popular is Johnny’s.

2. Anthony’s

Before researching these Italian first names for pizzerias, I thought Tony’s would be quite popular. Actually, my first three in my mind were Joe’s, Sal’s and Tony’s. I even thought Luigi would be on this list somewhere, but it didn’t even make our honorable mentions. While this name includes the variation Tony’s, it was Anthony’s that outnumbers Tony’s by a 3 to 1 margin.

And number one on our list of Italian names for pizzerias is….

1. Joe’s

I guess it’s not just the Dallas-Ft. Worth area that is filled with Joe’s Pizza or Joe’s Pizzerias. We also include Joey’s here. I personally know of 6 or 7 Joe’s Pizza in my own area. I’ve met the owner of Famous Joe’s in Madison, Alabama and see Joe’s all over our directories. Who’s the most famous Joe you know of? I think of Jolting Joe DiMaggio. Also, where is your favorite Joe’s Pizza located?

Honorable Mention’s


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Your thoughts

What popular Italian first names do you think should have made this list. Which names of pizzerias do you see in your area over and over again but aren’t listed here? Please let our readers know.


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