Michael Moore on Donald Trump: Give This Man a Pizza?

Michael Moore

Michael Moore isn’t a man a lot of people have no feelings about, people either love him or hate him. So after listening to this audio of him explaining Trump and his voters (he is voting for Hillary), do you agree that this is a man who deserves a free large pizza to eat or should he simply have one thrown in his face? Please listen to the entire clip. Even Donald Trump Jr. accidentally thought Moore was endorsing Trump and helped popularizeRead More

Hillary Clinton Deserves Pizza Today

Hillary Clinton is afraid

I think the easiest way for anyone to relax is to devour some pizza. Today, Hillary Clinton faced some animal protesters at one of her rallies. She was visibly frightened and was calmed by a very capable Secret Service agent who also looks like he really enjoys pizza. Check out the video.

Church pizza giveaway irks school cafeteria workers union

Hale High School Seattle

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, members of the Bethany Community Church in Seattle came up with a great idea. They decided to give away pizza to students at three Seattle high school at lunch time. For those in the Seattle ISD who are afraid God may be gaining an entryway to the secular school student’s minds, hearts and stomachs, don’t worry. Youth Pastor Nick Steinloski assures everyone, “We are not telling them a Bible story before they get pizza.” WhateverRead More

God Eats Pizza in Pennsylvania Grocery Store

Weis Supermarkets Where God Eats Pizza

Many of you are probably way too young to remember when God appeared back on the earth as a human. No, I’m talking about Jerusalem in the first half of the first century when he came to earth in the form of Jesus to take our sins away. I’m talking about 1977 when God appeared to an assistant grocery store manager in the form of an extremely aged senior citizen. Of course, this appearance was in the movie Oh, God featuring Geroge BurnsRead More

Pizza Hut Makes Highest Ever Pizza Delivery

Delivery to top of Mt. Kilamanjaro in Tanzania

On May 9th, 2016, Pizza Hut broke a new world record, making the highest ever pizza delivery. Delivering a pizza to the higest elevation took some time. Their pizza delivery guy was a backpacker hiking up Mt. kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. The record delivery was at 19,341 feet. Now, this record is only for elevations on earth, Pizza Hut already has the record for the farthest delivery (which was pretty high up too) when they delivered to the International Space Station in 2001.Read More

What is the most addictive food? A UM study says it’s pizza!


If you are on a search for the most addictive food, think about the following five food items and what do you think they have in common? Chips, Ice Cream, Cookies, Chocolate and Pizza? Well, they are the most popular and most addictive foods classified as “highly processed” foods in a recent University of Michigan study. I’ve read about this study in news reports and they have called the above food items as junk foods. Sure, I’d say that about chips, ice cream,Read More