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Have you tasted the Pizza Hut cookie?

As soon as I heard this news I thought about Domino's Pizza. Wait a minute, why would a thought about Domino's Pizza enter my mind when Pizza Hut has created the ultimate chocolate chip cookie? It's because of the commercial "Failure is an Option." In that ad, Domino's Pizza employees talk about some of their failures because they know failure means the company is trying new things....Read More

The ingredients for a good pizza review

I’ve loved pizza for as long as I can remember; who doesn’t, right? My love affair started with the usual reasons; pizza is good, it’s cheap, easy, fast, and so on. After years of being a passive fan I developed a ‘I’d like to own a pizza shop someday’ dream, and...Read more

Do Pizzerias Deliver Beer?

Here are the facts, The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released an opinion that would allow restaurants who have a liquor license to deliver beer with a special transporter-for-hire Class B license. It would allow up to 192 ounces of beer to be delivered. This means....Read More

The North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show

If you haven’t attended the North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show (NAPICS) before, you are missing out on a great weekend. Anyone who runs a pizzeria or an ice cream shop will be amazed by the number of vendors and helpful seminars at NAPICS. This year.... Read More.....

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Michael Parker - Pizza Delivery driver who stabbed over small tip

Are background checks on pizza delivery drivers needed?

We hear in the news about new background checks and gun control edicts by President Obama. But what will be done about idiotic pizza delivery drivers such as one Michael...

Pizza Match Pizza Games

Play Pizza Games: Pizza Match

Play more games on FunnyGames! Pizza Match Description You own a dating Pizza Restaurant. Match the right people at the right table, get them to leave your establishment as a...

Pizza games pizza passion

Pizza Games: Play Pizza Passion Today

Play more games on FunnyGames! Pizza Passion Description Keep the pizza in the air for as long as you can! Pizza Passion Controls Mouse Thanks for visiting our pizza games...

Pizza Boy pizza games

Pizza Games – Play Pizza Boy Today

Play more games on FunnyGames! Pizza Boy Description Deliver Pizza’s in Venice. Watch out for other boats, submarines and poles. When you run out of pizzas, make sure to steer...

Warrior Quest Online

Play Warrior Quest Online

Play Now Objective of Warrior Quest The aim of this game is to fight to the end inorder to get the magical onyx of immortality. Only a true warrior should...

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

8 Great Margaret Wise Brown Books to Read Your Kids After Pizza Night

Pizza night with the kids is fun Eating pizza with your kids is one of the most favorite of all family nights. Whether you go to Chuck E. Cheese or...

Baraccos locations

Which is Your Favorite Baracco’s Pizza Location?

PizzaSpotz needs your help. We want to let our readers know which location is the best. Whether you love pizza, ribs or shrimp, you can get it all at Baracco’s...

Lou Malantis

Which Lou Malanti’s Location is Your Favorite?

This photo of Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – Gold Coast is courtesy of TripAdvisor We need your help. We want to know which Chicagoland area Lou Malanti’s location is your favorite?...

One of the best pizzerias in the Los Angeles Area

Celebrity Pizza Questions

Celebrity PizzaSpotz Coming Soon Everybody loves pizza! Actors and actresses, singers, sports figures… everyone loves pizza and we want to hear from you (or your publicist). PizzaSpotz, one of the...

tablet for pizza promotion

5 Ways to Promote Your Pizzeria With Your Phone or Tablet

You’ve got the best pizza in town but do you have the largest customer base? In an era where “foodies” are finding their favorite new pizza joints on review websites...

James waiting patiently for pizza

Interview with James Oley, the Keystone Pizza Critic

I first met James through Twitter soon after beginning PizzaSpotz.com. I believe he started up his pizza blog the Keystone Pizza Critic about the same time PizzaSpotz began. I’ve learned...

keto diet recipes pizza

Low-Carb Thin Crust White Pizza

If you follow a healthy low-carb lifestyle, below is just a sample of what you will find at the KetoDiet website. There’s a wealth of tasty low carb recipes, nutritional...